Mile 2


Mile 2 is open January 1st thru August 31st.

Please follow Hwy C from September 1st thru December 31st.

See the Trail Map for more details.


The Timm's Hill Trail continues on the Old Tote Road to Ritchie Lake, a totally undeveloped lake named after John Ritchie, an early pine logger.  The trail follows the edge of the lake for a quarter mile, and then turns slightly and descends to Lappe Bridge, which crosses the Old Steam-Hauler Cut.


The scenic outlook and bench on Ritchie Lake and Lappe Bridge are dedicated to the memory of Richard Lappe.


The Old Steam-Hauler Cut is a trench 25 feet wide and 300 feet long.  In the early 1900ís, a winter ice road was constructed to haul logs from Camp 9, south of Hultman Lake, to the Rib Lake Lumber Mill.  The ice road followed the outlet of Ritchie Lake that flowed to Hultman Lake.  This Steam-Hauler Cut was excavated to created a fairly level transition from the outlet to the Tote Road that lead to the Rib Lake Lumber Mill.  Beavers periodically dam the Ritchie Lake outlet, causing the lake to swell and water to run down the Old Steam-Hauler Cut.

Pictures and Information about the Steam-Hauler

From Lappe Bridge, the trail winds thru a very scenic mixed hardwoods forest, with many spruce trees lining the edge of the trail, to Mile Post #2.


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Old Tote Road

Ritchie Lake

Ritchie Lake

Lappe Bridge - Winter

Lappe Bridge - Spring

Old Steam-Hauler Cut

Spruce Trees

Mile Post #2


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