The Timm's Hill Trail is a 10 mile non-motorized trail connecting the Ice Age Trail to Timm's Hill, elevation 1951.5 feet, Wisconsin's highest natural point.


The trail is open year round for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and snowshoeing, and is marked with  blazes on the trees and arrows.


The southern 2 miles of the Timm's Hill Trail is open January 1st thru August 31st.

Please follow Hwy C from September 1st thru December 31st.

See the Trail Map for more details.


Horses are allowed on the THT from May 1st to November 15th. 

Click here for important information about Horses on the THT.


In the winter, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Skis or snowshoes are required on the groomed trail.

Snow Conditions on the Timm's Hill Trail


See who's been on the Trail.  Check out the Timm's Hill Trail Guest Book.


Except for the Timm's Hill County Park, the entire trail is on private property.  The landowners have graciously allowed the trail to cross their property, so it's very important that all trail users respect the trail and the property it crosses.

  • Stay on the marked trail.  Do not follow other trails.

  • Read & follow all trail signs.

  • The trail is closed during the gun deer hunting seasons.

  • Hunting is not permitted on the trail.

  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trail.

  • Camping is only permitted at the southern terminus of the Timm's Hill Trail.

  • Take only pictures and leave only foot prints. 

The trail is located in northeastern Taylor and southeastern Price Counties.  Click here for Directions.


Parking is available at the following locations.  See the s on the Trail Map.

  • The north end of Timm's Hill County Park Road on Rustic Road #62.

  • The northern terminus of the trail in Timm's Hill County Park.

  • Spirit Park on Stone Lake at the north end of Park Drive.

  • Rustic Road #1 in Taylor County.

  • The southern terminus of the trail on Hwy C.

The trail was constructed in 1986 by members of the Rib Lake and High Point Ski Clubs.  It was formally recognized as the first side trail in the National Trails System in 1990 by the Secretary of the Interior Marshal Lujan.


The Timm's Hill Trail is user supported and maintained entirely by volunteers.  Please consider supporting the trail with tax-deductible donations.

Email us at with questions or comments.