Bald Eagles


We all know them as America's symbol of freedom and power, but when you see a bald eagle up close in the wild, it still takes your breathe away.  Their size, beauty, and ability to soar on the winds and in an instant swoop down to snatch a fish off the surface of a lake are amazing!


On the peninsula on the north shore of Stone Lake, there's a large white pine tree with a bald eagle nest near the top.  The nest can be seen from the Stone Lake Esker on the Timm's Hill Trail and from the Spirit Park boat landing on Stone Lake, at the north end of Park Drive. 


In the Spring, itís very common for an adult Bald Eagle (white head and tail) to be sitting on or near the nest tending to the young.  In the Summer and Fall, both adult and juvenile (no white head or tail) Bald Eagles can be seen perched on the trees around the nest and soaring over Stone Lake and many other lakes in the area.



 View from Esker

View from Park

Young Eaglet

Juvenile Eagle

Juvenile Flying

Eagle Eye

Adult Eagle


Black Bird Chaser



Spring Feast


Adults feeding their young




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