Mile 4


The Timm's Hill Trail follows some rolling hills and gentle curves at the start of Mile 4, and then passes thru the Blomberg Sugar Bush, a stand of huge sugar maples that are tapped each year for maple syrup.  It then crosses Hwy C for the second time and thru a small blueberry bog and red pine plantation.


The trail follows a powerline right-of-way for a quarter mile, and then veers to the west for a series of hills and curves.  The trail then crosses a private driveway and "splits" (the two trails merge again after a 1/4 mile). 


The "High Trail" (Green Blazes) goes right and heads up hill and then levels out at Mile Post #4.


The Timm's Hill Trail continues to the left, follows a few gentle hills and curves and then crosses a small boardwalk

before Mile Post #4.


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Rolling Hills...

...And Gentle Curves

Blomberg Sugar Bush

Blomberg Sugar Bush

Hwy C

Hwy C

Blueberry Bog

An Important Reminder

Late Winter Full Moon

More Hills...

...And Curves

Trail Split

High Trail

Fall Colors

Up Hill

Mile Post #4

Timm's Hill Trail

Hills & Curves


Mile Post #4


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