Mile 7


Mile 7 starts at the Beaumont Bridge, which spans Helms Creek (a clear running stream that flows thru the middle of a large sedge meadow).  The trail continues to follow the Old School Trail for a long up-hill climb on the edge of a deep gulley.  It passes behind the Garden of Memories Cemetery and crosses Hwy C for a third time at the former location of the Norlin One Room School House (it was moved two miles west in 1998).


North of Hwy C, the trail connects with the High Point Ski Trails.  There is another steep climb to a small field, and then the trail starts a long decent on the edge of an Ice Contact Slope to Mile Post #7.


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Beaumont Bridge

Beaumont Bridge

Sedge Meadow

Start Climbing!

On the Edge!

Fall Colors

Ice Contact Slope

Mile Post #7


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