GPS Coordinates on the Timm's Hill Trail


GPS Coordinates
Location Latitude Longitude
Northern Terminus - Timm's Hill Tower N4527.054' W9011.716'
Timm's Hill Parking N4527.064' W9011.563'
Mile Post #9 N4527.003' W9011.579'
Bass Lake N4526.950' W9011.627'
Rustic Road #62 N4526.742' W9011.713'
Little Bass Lake N4526.585' W9011.652'
Mile Post #8 N4526.494' W9011.535'
Blue & Yellow Ski Trail Intersection N4526.363' W9011.464'
Highway To Heaven N4525.970' W9011.382'
Mile Post #7 N4525.917' W9011.356'
Yellow Ski Trail Intersection N4525.584' W9011.228'
Hwy C N4525.493' W9011.226'
Beaumont Bridge at Helms Creek N4525.221' W9011.015'
Mile Post #6 N4525.209' W9010.998'
Hultman Road N4525.043' W9010.578'
Hultman Bridge N4525.001' W9010.538'
Mile Post #5 N4524.767' W9010.612'
Blomberg Bridge N4524.630' W9010.169'
Kiosk on Stone Lake Esker N4524.503' W9010.162'
Park Drive N4524.248' W9010.000'
Mile Post #4 N4524.094' W9009.960'
Hwy C N4523.777' W9009.972'
Mile Post #3 N4523.378' W9009.971'
Hwy C N4523.338' W9010.007'
Weix Creek Bridge N4523.283' W9010.116'
Taylor / Price County Line N4522.871' W9010.366'
Mile Post #2 N4522.811' W9010.522'
Lappe Bridge at Steam-Hauler Cut N4522.751' W9010.698'
Ritchie Lake N4522.651' W9010.688'
Mile Post #1 N4522.283' W9010.559'
Rustic Road #1 N4521.997' W9010.481'
Camp #6 N4521.748' W9010.281'
Southern Terminus N4521.720' W9010.086'


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