Grooming the Timm's Hill Trail for cross-country skiing has evolved over the years.  I started with a 1994 Polaris ATV and a homemade wooden drag, and then a 1969 Alpine, 1986 Alpine, 2005 Skandic SWT, and now a 2010 Grizzly ATV with Tatou 4S Tracks.


My drags have evolved too, from the first wooden drag to a homemade version of the Tidd Tech Trail Tenderizer, a leveling drag, a ladder drag, a "wing" that attaches to the rack on the Skandic and the back of the Grizzly, and a front renovator that attaches to the plow mount on the front of the Grizzly.  All the drags are homemade, and they've evolved to the point where they're very effective at handling all types of trail conditions, from deep powder to hard ice.


The following is what I've learned during 18 years of grooming - thru trail & error and by talking to others who also groom trails.  I welcome your comments, suggestions, and tips - I'm always looking for ways to improve!


I've added / updated a lot of stuff recently, and will be adding more soon.  Let me know if any links don't work or anything doesn't make sense!


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