Mile 3


The portion of Mile 3 south of Spirit Woods Ave is open January 1st thru August 31st.

Please follow Hwy C from September 1st thru December 31st.

See the Trail Map for more details.


Mile 3 starts out with several boardwalks on a twisting trail thru marginal wetlands and regenerating poplar stands.  The trail then crosses the Taylor-Price County Line and passes thru a red pine plantation that was planted in 1950 in the fields of the former Chandler Homestead.


The trail passes thru a mature hardwood forest, and then a long decent to a small wetland followed by a short climb to the Weix Creek Bridge.  It then crosses Hwy C and follows Spirit Woods Ave for 100 yards before turning north back into the woods and up a gentle hill to Mile Post #3.


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Groomed Curves


Taylor / Price County Line

Chandler Homestead

Mix Hardwoods

Weix Creek

Hwy C & Spirit Woods Ave

Mile Post #3


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