Mile 5


On the THT, Mile 5 starts with some gentle hills and curves in a beautiful hardwood forest.  On the "High Trail" (Green Blazes), Mile 5 starts with a west turn and a steep descent, and then it merges back to the THT.  After crossing a private driveway, there's a gentle climb to a beautiful view of Stone Lake, and then a short descent to Park Drive. 


In the winter, the trail crosses Park Drive and a private driveway, and then has a quick descent and a right turn.


In all other seasons, the trail follows Park Drive south (left) for 100 yards, then turns west (right) and follows a private road for 100 yards.  A turn north (right) reconnects with the winter trail.


There's a gently descent thru a mature hardwood forest, and then a climb to the southern end of the Stone Lake Esker.  Along the esker there are two Eagle's Nest lookouts and a trail kiosk with the Timm's Hill Trail Guest Book (be sure to sign the Guest Book!). 


After the kiosk, the trail follows a steep decent to Esker Creek, which flows from Hultman Lake to Stone Lake.  The trail follows Esker Creek to Blomberg Bridge.  This 33 foot trestle bridge was constructed in 1904 by the Wisconsin Bridge and Steel Company.  Until 1970 it served as a highway bridge in the town of Rib Lake.  The Blomberg families were instrumental in reassembling the bridge at this site in 1986 to cross Esker Creek.


In 2017, Blomberg Bridge was widened from 6' to 8' and new 4x6 decking was installed.  A special thanks to Gail & David Nelson and Paul Gabriel who spent 2 days to complete this project, Scot Bromann who secured the steel and provided the welder/generator for the project, and the Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club for support and funding.

See pictures of the project here.


North of Blomberg Bridge there are two quick curves with gentle hills followed by a straight stretch that leads to a private road crossing and Mile Post #5.


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More Hills!!

Stone Lake

Up To Stone Lake Esker

Stone Lake Esker

Eagle's Nest

Stone Lake Esker Kiosk

Hill to Esker Creek

Esker Creek

Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge


Mile Post #5



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