Camp 9, southwest of Hultman Lake

This is a picture taken in 1920.  It is a side view of the smoking steam hauler.  In the front is the steersman wearing a heavy fur coat.  He sat on a highly exposed seat on the very front of the engine and operated a steering wheel to turn the runners at the front of the machine.  In the middle is Robert Hess, engineer.  To the right is the unidentified fireman.  The location of the photogragh is probably Camp 9.  Camp 9 stood one-half mile to the southwest of Hultman Lake in Price County.  Most logs from Camp 9 were transported by steam hauler down an eight mile long ice road.  Where the ice road crossed a hill in Section 1, Town 33 North, Range 2 East, the Rib Lake Lumber Company excavated a long trench through which the ice road passed. 

This trench is the Old Steam-Hauler Cut just north of Ritchie Lake on the Timm's Hill Trail.  Lappe Bridge crosses the eastern end of this trench.